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What is happening at Davis Elementary?

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Events for the Month of May


New requirements for Immunization Requirements
for Kindergarten Entry 2015 - 16


Monday -April 27 - May 1st: BOGO Book Fair

May 4th - 8th: Teacher Appreciation WeeK

Thursday - May 14: Connections Play "Sally and the Scallywags" 6:00 pm

Friday - May 15th: Last day of Connections

Friday - May 15th Relay for Life Walkathon

Tuesday - May 19th: Field Day

Wednesday - May 20th: Kindergarten program - Gym 10 and 2

Thursday - May 21st: Juggling Show 9 and 2

Friday - May 22th: Last Day of School/UHS graduation - minimum school day

Monday - June 1st: First day of Summer Connections 9 - 12


Teacher Appreciation Week
May 4th - 8th

Monday - May 4th - Write a note of appreciation to your teacher and the staff at our school

Tuesday - May 5th - Bring a flower to your teacher (Pick one from your garden, make one out of paper tissue, draw one on a page)

Wednesday - May 6th - Buy a book for your teachr's classroom - Bogo BookFair

Thursday - May 7th - Find out what kinds of treats your teacher loves and bring them one!

Friday - May 8th - Bring classroom supplies to and stock your teacher's cupboard (Kleenexes, Clorox wipes, notebooks, paper, sharpies, dry erase markers. etc)

Principal’s Corner

Dear Parents and Students of Davis Elemenary,

The last letter home of the year is a sobering letter to write, knowing that we lose a group of students who we have spent six year watching them grow, learn and melt our hearts. This year has been full of may fun and exciting challenges.

I want to say thank you to our wonderful PTA and their hard work in embarrassing the teachers through our chocolate reward assembly. Watching Robyn and Amy (our wonderful secretaries) wrestle in the Sumo costumes was definitely a highlight. I have to say it was quite interesting seeing Ms. Bigg (4th grade) eat bugs. I was proud of Mr. Bessant shaving his head. It is nice to have company around with similar hair styles. I think i will forgo getting attacked by a police dog again, but it just goes to show that here at Davis, we strive to do "whatever it takes."

As we wrap up the last month of the school year, we ask our patience in the pickup and drop off zones. We have more students walking and riding bikes with the warmer weather and I want to make sure each kid safe, so please keep your eyes peeled. Last of all, thank you for your suport as we wrap up the testing. The kids are doing a fantastic job trying their hardest. The kids are doing a fantastic job trying their hardest. Thank you for giving them a good start of the day by having them get a good night sleep and a good breakfast.

Thank you all for a great school year, and I wish you all a safe and wonderful summer break? See you in the fall!


Principal Johnson


This is a marvelous book... So just as a reminder about the

Energy Bus for Kids, which focus on staying positive and overcoming challenges. The book has 5 rules to live by:

Rule#1: Create a Positive Vision-Picture yourself having a good day.

Rule #2: Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy-Share positive thoughts and emotions with others. Smile and Laugh

Rule #3: No Bullies Allowed-Be more positive than the negativity you face.

Rule #4: Love Your Passengers-Be kind, help others and make a difference with those you interact with every day.

Rule #5: Enjoy the Ride-



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Davis Elementary is a safe, high achieving, “doing” school, where every student succeeds. 

We value a “love of learning”, being part of a positive environment, and educating the whole child.

We are a model for exceptional student pride, academic excellence, and professional educators. 

We are a place where everybody is somebody.

 We are Davis Dragons.


We will do what ever it takes
to be:


At Davis Elementary


  • Collaborate
  • Build others up (colleagues, parents, students)
  • Trust each other
  • Stay focused “keep lure in the water”
  • Take Risks
  • Grow professionally
  • Evaluate (self reflect)

School Goals