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What is happening at Davis Elementary?

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Events for the Month of December

December 1, Tuesday: Happy December 1st; 25 days until Christmas.

December 18, Friday: last day of school before christmas break. Short Day

December 21, Monday: First day of Christmas break.

December 25, Friday: Merry Christmas. May Santa treat you well.

January 4, Monday: Welcome back to school for 2016


New Immunization Requirements


Principal’s Corner


Dear Parents

October has come and gone, we now start into our holiday season, and I always get excited for the many opportunities to spend time with my family and friends. We live in a wonderful country that affords us so many things to be thankful for. When I think of November I always think of the fun activities I remember doing as a kid in school and as a teacher with my own students.

As October comes to an end, I want to reflect on a couple great things that took place. We had a wonderful turnout at the carnival. I was a bit nervous, but was so excited to see the turnout and the excitement as the kids had fun and played.

Red Ribbon week was great! The kids participated and were so well behaved. We received many complements from our bussing staff as we held our bus emergency training. Thank you for having amazing kids.

Just a reminder that being our BEST means going the extra mile to Be Responsible, Express Respect, Safety First and Teamwork. Students are constantly striving to go one step further and show that they can be the BEST. Parents, please help us to ensure productive citizens by encouraging your child to be their BEST.

Our first Principals 212 club activity of October was a huge success with a number of kids having an activity with me. Our board is filling up quickly and we should be having another shortly.

Thank you all for your support in caring for the students of Davis Elementary.

Thank you
Principal Johnson



Energy Bus for Kids, which focus on staying positive and overcoming challenges. The book has 5 rules to live by:

Rule#1: Create a Positive Vision-Picture yourself having a good day.

Rule #2: Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy-Share positive thoughts and emotions with others. Smile and Laugh

Rule #3: No Bullies Allowed-Be more positive than the negativity you face.

Rule #4: Love Your Passengers-Be kind, help others and make a difference with those you interact with every day.

Rule #5: Enjoy the Ride-

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Davis Elementary is a safe, high achieving, “doing” school, where every student succeeds. 

We value a “love of learning”, being part of a positive environment, and educating the whole child.

We are a model for exceptional student pride, academic excellence, and professional educators. 

We are a place where everybody is somebody.

 We are Davis Dragons.


We will do what ever it takes
to be:


At Davis Elementary


B-Be Responsible. When we talk about being responsible we focus on the accountability and responsibility we have as students and citizens.

E-Express Respect. Respect is earned and we feel it is vital to success in academics and social interactions.

S-Safety First- We strive to create a safe environment for all and in order to create a safe environment, need the help of everyone at Davis to look out for one another.

T-Team Work. Collaboration and teamwork is the best way to tap into the expertise of everyone in every class. As a faculty we foster teamwork and unity, and strive to help students work towards building classroom pride and unity.