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What is happening at Davis Elementary?

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Events for the Month of December


December 8-12: Food Drive.

December 10th, Wednesday: Grandparent Day 2nd and 5th

December 10th Wednesday: High lights Assembly 9:45

December 11th, Thursday: Literacy Night

December 17th, Wednesday: Connections Drama Club presents " Wizard of Oz Christmas" Presented to the school at 2:00, presented for the parents 6:00.

December 22th, Monday -January 2th, Friday : Christmas break

January 5th, Monday: School Resumes


Principal’s Corner

Dear Parents,

Fall is here and winter is creeping up on us! We had a great celebration with a group of Principal 212 winners. We had an opportunity to visit have snacks and take a tour of the school. The kids were excited to see areas of the school that normally not accessible. It was great to see unity across the grade through this activity.

Our students council is awesome! I love having them help me with announcements as well as help the students focus on being safe, respectful and responsible. They have taken on the task of promoting Anit-Bulling and have developed cheers and involved in our school assemblies. Part of the USD mission is to teach students the critical skills and attributes of productive citizens and I feel this is a great representation of our wonderful students becoming productive citizens. Mrs. Kristy Aycock has been very instrumental in helping our school develop this program and I want to offer a big thanks to her!

As the weather has turned cool (and even colder sometimes) in the morning, please encourage your child to wear a jacket or coat.

Your children are amazing!


Principal Johnson


This is a marvelous book... So just as a reminder about the

Energy Bus for Kids, which focus on staying positive and overcoming challenges. The book has 5 rules to live by:

Rule#1: Create a Positive Vision-Picture yourself having a good day.

Rule #2: Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy-Share positive thoughts and emotions with others. Smile and Laugh

Rule #3: No Bullies Allowed-Be more positive than the negativity you face.

Rule #4: Love Your Passengers-Be kind, help others and make a difference with those you interact with every day.

Rule #5: Enjoy the Ride-



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Davis Elementary is a safe, high achieving, “doing” school, where every student succeeds. 

We value a “love of learning”, being part of a positive environment, and educating the whole child.

We are a model for exceptional student pride, academic excellence, and professional educators. 

We are a place where everybody is somebody.
 We are Davis Dragons.


We will do what ever it takes
to be:


At Davis Elementary


  • Collaborate
  • Evaluate (self reflect)
  • Build others up (colleagues, parents, students)
  • Trust each other
  • Stay focused “keep lure in the water”
  • Take risks
  • Grow professionally

School Goals