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What is happening at Davis Elementary?

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Events for the Month of April


New requirements for Immunization Requirements
for Kindergarten Entry 2015 - 16


Thursday - Monday , April 2 - April 6 : Spring Break

Thursday - April 16th: Family Fit Night: 6-7:30 Due to inclement weather, this activity will be postponed to Thursday April 23. Same time same awesome activities. Come join us and have some family fun.

Monday - April 20: Chocolate Assembly

Wednesday - April 22: Secretaries Day

Monday -April 27 - May 1st: BOGO Book Fair

May 4th - 8th: A week of Appreciation of our Staff

May 19th, Tuesday: Field Day

May 22th, Friday: Last Day of School


Principal’s Corner

Dear Parents,

Wow parents and students: Thank you for an awesome job with our PTA fund raiser! I am excited about some of the rewards the student have earned. I would like offer a big thank you to our wonderful students, community, PTA, and our secretaries for the hard work they went through to pull off. I look forward to seeing our secretaries put on the fake sumo suits. The highlight for me is the opportunity to get chased by a local police dog in the dog bite suit the kids seem to be a bit excited about that too. Maybe I should be worried.

A couple highlights to the month. First I would like to highlight or teacher of the year for this year. From our third grade, Kami Mayer has been selected to represent Davis Elementary as the employee of the year. She is an amazing teacher who we have the great fortune of being able to hire full time. Thank you for being a great asset and advocate for kids. Secondly, I want to highlight Brenda Olson, she works with our speech department. Brenda has a special place in my hear as she used to babysit me as a small child. I have looked up to Brenda my entire life and love having the opportunity to work with her and learn from her. She is an amazing lady and loves the children of Davis.

Parents, I want to remind all of you that testing ramps up on the next couple weeks as we draw the month of April to a close. Please assist in the success of your student by encouraging them to do their best and making sure they get a great night sleep and a healthy breakfast.

Thank you all for your support of our great student at Davis


Principal Johnson


This is a marvelous book... So just as a reminder about the

Energy Bus for Kids, which focus on staying positive and overcoming challenges. The book has 5 rules to live by:

Rule#1: Create a Positive Vision-Picture yourself having a good day.

Rule #2: Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy-Share positive thoughts and emotions with others. Smile and Laugh

Rule #3: No Bullies Allowed-Be more positive than the negativity you face.

Rule #4: Love Your Passengers-Be kind, help others and make a difference with those you interact with every day.

Rule #5: Enjoy the Ride-



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Davis Elementary is a safe, high achieving, “doing” school, where every student succeeds. 

We value a “love of learning”, being part of a positive environment, and educating the whole child.

We are a model for exceptional student pride, academic excellence, and professional educators. 

We are a place where everybody is somebody.

 We are Davis Dragons.


We will do what ever it takes
to be:


At Davis Elementary


  • Collaborate
  • Build others up (colleagues, parents, students)
  • Trust each other
  • Stay focused “keep lure in the water”
  • Take Risks
  • Grow professionally
  • Evaluate (self reflect)

School Goals